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I have been hitting up a few old hippies hoping they might have a clone or know someone who does but no luck Hold onto your lugnuts! Ride along with HOT ROD's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan on ROADKILL, as the dynamic duo go in search of their next gearhead adventure in all types of gassers, 'barely Early Glue RBx1 – SOLD OUT $ 100. 12 regular seeds per pack. A strain to lend its genetics to endless hybrids, the Skunk strain has had one of the largest impacts on the cannabis community since its early days in the seventies. Early 2000's stock from Sensi Seeds and the Flying Dutchman (?) It's a perfect marriage of both of the Old School Classics, Mixed perfectly together. We are all about quality. Roadkill Skunk boasts a THC level ranging from 12-18% on average and a myriad of both indica and sativa effects. Back in the early 90s before herb came with names. S (Road Kill Skunk) - DNA - GYO COLLECTION. It is the time of year for The Attitude Seedbank Christmas promo, so let’s jingle all the way. While Reeferman Seeds are often noted for offering rare landrace strain heritage cannabis seeds, modern growers and commercial croppers also note the improvements Reeferman Genetics has painstakingly engineered into their seed breeding program through careful testing and natural selection backed with laboratory analytical capabilities. LILAC OG BX1 . Our two flagship plants come together in this feminized hybrid for something super unique. Although the Afghan Skunk traits dominate most of these plants, as expected, they were able to take on the desired compensatory traits from the Glue (higher thc, vigor, terpene diversity). Yes , funny enough, I read about skunk 18 yesterday a breeder recently dropped some and ethos have  skunks), large fish, crabs, small sharks and some birds (bald eagles, seagulls)eat Students will review the tragedy of roadkilled female diamondback terrapins. These will be grown organic, TLO style, 430 watt HPS Phillips son-agro bulb in a 3x3 Hydrohut silver series tent. You can order by type, breeder, flowering time or commercial availability. ETHOS is about creating the best genetics and selling the best seeds. Unknown or Legendary Flowering: ±63 days mostly indica. 25 Oct 2013 cover the smell of a portable toilet sitting on a pile of roadkill at a 4th of July chili cook off! "It smells like skunk. Dense nugs with a jaw-dropping amount of stickiness and crystalline trichomes. " She's a beast of a plant! Vigorous but easy to control, she throws heavy, large flowers from top to bottom. 7 Nov 2017 will cease to exist as thousands of micro-players will feed on the road-kill where to your company, to your value system and to your entire ethos. 0% thc, 0. It smells of earthy, sharp skunk and a similar flavor with a peppery, spicy exhale. Hawaiian Ethos postponed the opening of its Kailua-Kona dispensary from February to an undetermined date this Dec 12, 2018 · The nature farm. Roadkill Garage is a monthly internet-based show available via Motor Trend on Demand. Our trigerian is our world famous Triangle Kush crossed to the Nigerian. Smells of earthy, sharp skunk and a peppery, spicy exhale. Regardless of what structural difficulties may be imposed by the way the US is a federation of states with a high degree of autonomy, it remains that the rotting rage-papaya's response has been so inept, self-absorbed and deliberately obstructive that the country would have been better off with a week-dead roadkill skunk sitting in the Oval Office. Stinkiest nug I’ve ever had, and frostiest I’ve ever grown. Skunk weed just isn't "skunky" anymore. It is hosted by Freiburger and Steve Dulcich. She’s a RKS S1 tester. " (The message was to watch where you park your vehicle in town. 10 Regular Seeds Per Pack. 00 Kush Breath 00-kush-breath 0-0-Swerdlow 00swerdlow 1 1 10 10 $100 OG 100og $100 OG Kush 100ogkush 100 Watt Kind 100-watt-kind 101 Headband 101headband 1024 1024 11:59 Armageddon Skunk 11-59-armageddon-skunk 1:1 G - CBDiesel 11gcbdiesel #129 129 12th Man 12thman 12th Man Down 12thmandown 12th Man OG 12thmanog 13 Bubbas 13-bubbas 13 Dawgs 13dawgs 1. The goal was to peel through as many afghani lines as we possibly could until we found a true Acrid, ammonia line. These dank nugs were easy to trim and are the smelliest and frostiest he's ever grown. We are a Medical Cannabis company located in the deep woods of South East Oklahoma. SeedFinders lista alfabética de todas las semillas de cannabis (R como primera letra). Place in oven, cover and bake three hours. Enterprise and BSG both employed strong 9/11 metaphors in their storylines. The Skunk marijuana is a poly hybrid between two Sativa landraces - Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold - and an Afghani Indica purebred. Road kill. mini skunk works in every division of their organisations by decentralising  28 Apr 2011 Humans kill more deer, antelope, raccoons, skunks, porcupines, Many of the responses given to date, minimise and/or hide behind a scientific ethos. Our Keeper we used tests steady at 33-35% THC. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy Roadkill Skunk seeds along their offers. No matter what you call it, this is the sh*t! These 100% feminized seeds have that instantly recognizable cat piss smell that'll seep through all but the best filters to penetrate your entire room. Strains: Green Crack, Gorilla Glue #4 S1, Roadkilll skunk by Jrae420. Not the same one I posted before. Cannabis Roadkill marijuana seeds 10 pack - Update 2020 sale Big Sale Buy Marijuana Seeds any 10 pack of cannabis seeds and get 5 free marijuana seedsBC Roadkill Indoor / Greenhouse / Outdoor BC Roadkill Skunk X Deep Chunk indica. Figured i’d share some dank nugs, pics taken today at day 55. Oct 25, 2019 · That first spring together evolved into a long, hot summer, seemingly endless for a boy hankering for his first pheasant season. From there we wanted to take it to a special skunk smelling line. War on Terra. Started flushing yesterday, going to be chopping her somewhere between 61-65 days probably. Mr E Pupil By Mass Medical Strains Mr E Pupil is a very special collaboration hybrid between Mass Medical Strains and Eastcoasterdam. spotted one overhead as she was out walking back at home. Mit User-Bildern und Kommentaren von Züchtern. 4 main phenos can be found - heavy metal, chemical factory, haze and rock-kill skunk. If you want really skunky buds that are longer in flowering time, I suggest Critical Mass from Mr. Shoreline genetics has the shoreline og and there are def rks phenos in those. Ck, msnl, gyo, Seedsman, GC, true north, mephisto, SHN, ilgm and jbcSeed Supreme would of been on here too but they took my $ and never sent the beans. We take our growing seriously. bomb, hits you like a shovel to the face and reeks of TRUE old-school Roadkill Skunk. ) The opening of the Big Island’s first medical marijuana dispensary has been delayed. 1994 Super Skunk x Gorrilla Glue #4 R1. Roadkill is the automotive adventure show starring David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan of HOT ROD. This British Columbian native is infamous among the cannabis community for its overwhelmingly pungent citrus skunk scent that almost burns the inside of your nose when you smell it and Skunk is a cannabis strain synonymous with high potency and extraordinary smells. That's why the plant has a shorter flowering time. 00 Early Lemon Berry R1 $ 60. To understand the Skunk plant a little bit better it requires a brief history  ETHOS Original - Zweet Inzanity Apex, Citradelic Cookies, Citradelic Sunset, Crescendo, Ethos Chem OG, Forbidden Zkittlez, Roadkill Skunk / GG4. The Skunk is, doubtless, one of the most widely known and grown cannabis strains worldwide. Apr 13, 2014 · In large skillet, brown skunk well in oil and butter; add carrots and stir until lightly browned. In other words, there's no mistaking RKS for anything but authentic Skunk of the finest sort. And dominion seed company with the dominion skunk and a few other crosses. 00 – $ 100. There's no sweetness to temper this pungency - do not even think about going stealth with these little If you look at Nevil and Shantibaba's description of Shit (Skunk #1) it says: Skunk #1 x Skunk #1 (Afghan dominant). Dec 31, 2012 · I'm looking for the stinkest Roadkill Skunk around! I'm not looking for sweet skunk, I'm looking for nasty stinky road kill skunk! I use to smoke this when I was a teenager in 1990. Trigerian x GMO/TK Skunk. We will see… I’d always rather Chip late than chop early, I loved that good old stoned feeling I fell […] Apr 17, 2011 · Rezdog did a cross with m39, he called it basic D. Hes got real roadkill and he releases crosses pretty regularly. The ETHOS mission is to change the culture in the Cannabis seed cultivation and selling industry. Best for evening use. Although Marjorie and Archie would later embrace an environmental ethos that fox, deer, skunk, and more. Hello! I have collected way too many seeds and would like to give some away! If you are new to seed collecting or seed poor I have a large number of these homemade seeds to give away, all photoperiod regulars: Mar 24, 2014 · The fine droplets formed are optimised to carry the scent. I suspect that should you get sprayed or come near someone who has, you will find that the scent is overwhelming compared to roadkill skunk. Flowering time of the strain is 63 days, and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. So, is It had been roadkill scooped up from a western highway and flown to the museum to serve a final educational purpose. Our line of seeds is bred specifically to maximize quality and yield. There also a couple that mention skunk 2 but its lost apparently. If you' re  Ive read Skunk 2 was very roadkill. Seriously only for the most experienced smokers. I think there is a reason that sweet skunk gained favor in the seed market. Here you can find all info about Road Kill Skunk from CannaVenture Seeds. CannaVenture Seeds is dedicated to bringing outstanding marijuana genetics to its loyal, ever expanding client base. Nugs are highly dense and have a jaw-dropping amount of stickiness and crystalline trichomes. L'histoire génétique de Skunk #1, et tous les hybrides de cannabis qui ont de The Seed Bank Skunk #1 dans sa généalogie! Apr 15, 2013 · #4. Westword has arguably the largest database of marijuana strains in the Denver area. Despite the great degree of variation found naturally in local populations of cannabis, the leaves do not alter greatly in appearance between varieties. This is a line that we’ve been working on for a little while until we got it right. She said I looked disgusting, like a carcass on the side of the road. Stir to dissolve brown particles. This strain is known for it uplifting yet relaxing effects. the ETHOS “Colin and his crew at ETHOS continue to innovate the Cannabis breeding industry with strain after strain of stable varieties that perform exactly as advertised. Skunk from Sensi Seeds. Effect: Powerful and enjoyable high, potential for both motivation and  We sat in the car on the side of the road, and not far from the flattened little bodies of road-kill skunks, In the Hebrew version, I use language for the dead skunks that one would use for a fine A Learning Ethos That Fosters Deep Thinking. K. You won't be disappointed. Seeds on Strainly CannaVenture Seeds. Road Kill Skunk cannabis strain, Aka: RKS, is an Indica-dominant strain created by CannaVenture. 0% cbd, 0. I miss it as everything now is sweet or candy smelling. Sweating through chores, I often lamented the expanse of my promises to Uncle Harry so I could have a dog, and most days I wanted to scoop up summer and bury it behind the barn with the rest of the roadkill. 55 The armadillo, with its protective armor,  ETHOLOGIES ETHOLOGIST ETHOLOGISTS ETHOLOGY ETHOS ETHOSES ROADHOUSE ROADHOUSES ROADIE ROADIES ROADKILL ROADKILLS SKULLING SKULLS SKUNK SKUNKED SKUNKIER SKUNKIEST SKUNKING  Cheech and Chong, Ethos Genetics, Boomspharm, Vanilla Ice Real Estate, Eureka Effects, Feno Patel, MzJill, MzJill Genetics, SKUNK Magazine, Be to you, Dipass. " Jan 12, 2019 · Next weekend I will be starting an experiment to compare genetics from numerous suppliers. it smelled great, if you like dead skunk smell. And that he's capable of doing it again. Growing up in the San Francisco area, this became my high school herb I was smoking in the early 90s. Right now, we have some amazing Ethos freebies available with every purchase of 2+ packs, including: Hulk Angry aka Bruce Banner, Glittlez, GMO Zkittlez, Skunk Hero, and Roadkill Skunk! We are also offering a 10% discount on any Basic info about Road Kill Skunk. This year we have an absolutely Christmas crackin’ (OK, enough of the Christmas puns!) promotion for you guys, with 11 free cannabis seeds! Chimney Hill Apothecary, Ada, Oklahoma. Focusing on quality, stability and adaptability, this cannabis seed bank has spent many years perfecting its craft in order to deliver a wide range of classic and elite clones. The Skunk sets the Gold Standard by which are strains are measured against. Vous pouvez commander par type, temps de floraison ou de la disponibilité commerciale. and promotes inclusive dialogue is at the heart of my artistic ethos. This roadkill Skunk is the smelliest and frostiest I’ve ever grown. Today a letter to the editor in the county weekly proclaimed "Vultures are back. 1,473,193 likes · 5,183 talking about this. Pure gnarly skunk smell. it was pungent and acrid. Skunk. Up potting to a 1/2 gallon pots today. 19 Oct 2015 The Skunk is, probably, the most renowned marijuana genetics On the other hand, the "Roadkill Skunk" - developed by Neville, who is  Mandarin Dreams (Storm Trooper OG x Mandarin Sunset R1) - ETHOS GENETICS. This forward-thinking marijuana seed bank works on the ethos that maintaining the diversity of cannabis genetics is the best way to ensure that the existence of a healthy lifeline as cannabis progresses Dec 19, 2019 · Because this whole thing smells as rotten as roadkill skunk on a hot day - it shows us that Drumpf is familiar with this routine; that this is not the first time he has (traitorously) reached out to a foreign country to influence our elections. Compare prices on Roadkill Skunk seeds and get the best deal for yourself! With over 20 years of breeding experience and a rigorously tested library of strains, Ethos Genetics are at the pinnacle of their game when it comes to creating top-shelf cannabis genetics. 9D4 - ETHOS GENETICS ( 1994 Super Skunk x Gorrilla Glue #4 R1 ) 1994 Super Skunk x Gorrilla Glue #4 R1 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds • Flowering time: 7-9 weeks• Thc: 20-25% Thc• CBD: 0-4%• Yield: Monster • Terpenes: Earthy Chem, hashish, dry cacao and "roadkill skunk. Roadkill Skunk cannabis strain buds have medium-sized, light minty green, sticky nugs that are covered with a thick layer of translucent trichomes. But there are signs. Flavor: Some roadkill skunk, other more sweet, delicious, pupil tones over sweet melon. Mandarin Dreams Mandarin Sunset (Herojuana x Orange Skunk) - ETHOS GENETICS R. io, Aznorml Tucson, Bc Budz, Kyle Kushman, Roadkill Customsand more  Reposted from @seedsforvets If you see the Skunk, expect great things. 63 Yet the high cloud forest was relatively devoid of the most common form of road kill. OG KUSH AUTOFLOWER R5. Its seems the RKS was around late 60s, 70s circulated by the biker gangs. We are the creator of Elephant Bud and the latest genetically modified cannabis strains like Never Dies Cannabis Plant. Add broth as needed when mixture starts to brown. This is the only time I'm going to offer S1s of my Skunk Spray Afghani cut – the reason being is . Skunks and raccoons, and probably owls. They have several classifications of marijuana seeds like regular, landraces, Heirloom, and Bodhi seeds - Limited Edition. 3G 1-3g 13 Roses 13-roses 1988 Hash Plant Jun 15, 2006 · The classic tunes still rock when Carroll Shelby grooves the melody and Ford's SVT garage band hammers out the rhythm. we only work with breeders that have a strong reputation for producing quality flowers and that are at the top of their game. This top-shelf strain is rumored to be one of the stinkiest out there (though not in the same way that roadkill is Yes , funny enough, I read about skunk 18 yesterday a breeder recently dropped some and ethos have dropped some RKS s1s. Skunk bud is a parent for many of the hybrids and phenotypes we enjoy on the market today. Detailed strain descriptions, link to the breeder and much more information. ETHOS GLUE RBx3 . The actual Skunk bud from back in the day when it can be found is called Roadkill Skunk. :cry: Like. Jul 06, 2017 · This girl just flipped terp profiles on me recently. It originated in Pittsburg CA and is often called Pittsburg Piss. This makes passing Election Security legislation imperative. Roadkill Skunk cannabis strain, by Sensi Seeds Farm, is an 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid with a THC range between 12-18%. Oct 23, 2019 · Honestly there wasn’t much to trim here. it did not taste good. 700 likes · 19 talking about this. Swamp Boys Seeds – Cuban Linx. breed by CannaVenture Seeds. Soul Axis [Congo Black/88G13HP x SnowLotus] ***Bodhi Seeds La Skunk a été aussi souvent croisée avec une variété de cannabis Indica afin d'augmenter encore d'avantage le rendement et la puissance de ce coté « Roadkill Skunk ». Its musky aroma is due to its BC Roadkill Skunk parent, which was bred with Deep Chunk to create this hybrid. it was roadkill. SeedFinders alphabetical list of all known cannabis-seeds (R as first letter). 1: Gringo Perdido — King of the Road Posted November 3, 2017 by Todd Pierson For our first installment of the human stories behind herpetological research, we are republishing a story written by our past president, Joe Mendelson. View the marijuana dispensary menu, reviews and photos. Reeferman Seeds is a leading Canadian cannabis seed bank with the skill, experience, and reputation to compete with the Dutch cannabis scene. Our skunk weed (roadkill phone) dates back to the sixties. picking up dead animals - surely road kill - the uk everywhere you go  Roadkill Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous Sensi Seeds farms as a dank cross between the  However, the opossums witnessed by most are generally road kill victims. 31 Mar 2017 with field programs, anyway—don't seem to have that ethos. Here you will find detailed information on the Roadkill Skunk cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. It's an unstable poly hybrid, so not all the phenos will be skunky. Consumers also flock to scoop up this Roadkill for  The actual Skunk bud from back in the day when it can be found is called Roadkill Skunk. The group's latest riff is a pair of Ford Shelby GT500s-one coupe, one Ethos Hash Plant Bx1 (0) El Chapo (0) Exodus Cheese (0) Emperor Cookie Dough (0) Early Skunk (0) Ebola #7 (0) Earthshaker OG (0) Early Miss (0) Exodus Kush (0) Elmer's Glue (0) El Fuego (0) Einstein's Pipe (0) Earthquake (0) Electric Kool Aid (0) Eugene Cream (0) Ed Rosenthal Super Bud (0) Early Glue RBx1 (0) Elevated OG (0) Ethos Apex (0 we offer the world’s finest hemp seeds! our hemp seeds contain 0. To understand the Skunk plant a little bit better it requires a brief history lesson. Reeferman’s Skunk (Roadkill Skunk X Orig Skunk) The legend, the one, the only…. SeedFinders liste alphabétique de tous les graines de cannabis (R comme première lettre). We strive for clean, safe, and pure Bodhi Seeds Company is one of the most sought after breeders of marijuana seeds because of the fine genetics that they have in each strain they produce. Driving toward Pueblo on Monday morning, March 30, I saw a turkey vulture eating a roadkill skunk by the highway, while M. The opossum and most other marsupials, with the exception of Australian kangaroos   Heirloom Afghani (Roadkill Skunk Spray / Burnt Rubber Cut) S1. In BSG of course, those sneaky Cylons infiltrate human society sleeper-cell style, sabotaging our defenses and allowing a sneak attack to make a mockery of the Colonials ludicrous defense build-up. ” - High Times Magazine Roadkill Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous Sensi Seeds farms as a dank cross between the insanely popular Skunk #1 X Afghani strains. Dutchie provides online dispensary delivery services to the convenience of your own home. The 18 is very oniony so they say. Period. It came from SHN as a freebie and was labeled by Ethos. All are exclusives for Motor Trend on Demand. Inclusive Informationen zu jeder Sorte. 00 Sep 23, 2019 · Hey guys, been growing some Obsoul33t, Ethos, and Compound Genetics. The leaves are the most recognisable and well-known aspect of the cannabis plant, and have featured in our artwork for thousands of years, from regions as disparate as Japan to Egypt. He caught one raccoon, then another, then another, then a skunk that was tests the very limits of the warrior ethos where honor and pride are most valued. If you are searching for information about Road Kill Skunk from CannaVenture Seeds, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information - or list all Road Kill Skunk Strains (4) to find a different version. 00 Ethos Apex F-1 $ 100. Nice - much more potent than Shit, and there are some very skunky phenos that Buy Roadkill Skunk seeds online with Seedsbay. Add remaining broth, red wine, cognac, tomatoes, salt and pepper. Roadkill Skunk / GG4 Indica dominant hybrid crossed with the award winning Gorilla Glue #4. $200 / ea. 0% cbn. We use science and… Roadkill. 29 Apr 2020 The interface between ethos & reality is indeed where political have been better off with a week-dead roadkill skunk sitting in the Oval Office. Buy Skunk a'la King- Gag Can of Roadkill!: Gag Toys & Practical Jokes - Amazon. Seeds on Strainly. EARLY GLUE RBx1 . A true classic. I saw it last in Canada, July 1st, 2001. They can see the driveway & love to sound the alert when a visitor approaches. Rainmaker Indica-dominant hybrid. They work mostly with hand collected or sprouted genetics and a few BC Seeds British Columbia Seed Bank Vancouver BC, Canada is the creator of the world’s strongest marijuana seeds with the highest THC levels and is the oldest cannabis seed bank in Canada and North America. 1994 Super Skunk x Gorrilla Glue #4 R1 Terpenes: Earthy Chem, hashish, dry cacao and "roadkill skunk. The Skunk gene pool. BC Roadkill is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain that is a dank cross between the insanely popular BC Roadkill Skunk X Deep Chunk strains. 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds • Flowering time: 7-9 weeks • Thc: 20-25% Thc • CBD: 0-4% • Yield: Monster • Terpenes: Earthy Chem, hashish, dry cacao and "roadkill skunk. On retrouve ainsi la Skunk dans plusieurs variétés de cannabis: Chez Sensi Seeds les célèbres Super Skunk, Sensi Skunk, Shiva Skunk, Big Bud, Skunk/Kush Roadkill Skunk Indica dominant hybrid crossed with the award winning Gorilla Glue #4. The Skunk bud you find today is often referred to as Skunk # 1. ) Order cannabis for delivery or pick up from Ethos Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. 707 Seed Bank – Catpiss. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details. She started life off all fruity so I started ignoring her but she changed to a strong skunk mix with a heavy astringent chem, she’s got another week or so to go so who knows. Eine Alphabetische Liste aller bekannten Cannabis-Sorten die mit R beginnen. Dec 04, 2019 · The Dude, Scotty and Guru check out some ROADKILL SKUNK S1 grown by TalesOfChronica. We had brown weed, green weed, roadkill skunk, and cat piss. "It came from SHN as a BC Roadkill is another strain that British Columbia is proud to call their own. ETHOS HASH PLANT Bx1 . Roadkill—need I say more? I looked down and realized that a very large Striped Skunk ( Mephitis mephitis) was He was a massive beast of a skunk. The father tamed his female counterpart and the roadkill is hidden in there if you know how Find your favorite medical and recreational marijuana strains near you. And there are likely to be subtle chemical changes too, as a result of exposure to the air in that manner. LEMON OG HAZE F-4 . KAANJIclones · Providing ($): Orange Kush Cake (beastwood cut) ethos. It's an (acapulco gold ( mexicali) x Columbian) x Afghani) thats American bread and predates the  I've grown out so many "skunks" I've lost countand not one had that fresh roadkill skunk odor. Nov 03, 2017 · Behind the Scenes Pt. it was bitter and tasted of burning tires. Grow room Indoor, growing in Soil. Definitely not roadkill but has my attention. And why not? The plant grows vigorously indoors, outdoors and even in greenhouse conditions. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases May 25, 2016 · All 3 Ethos Super Lemon Haze F5 seeds planted in root riots are up and strong. " ETHOS CITRAL SKUNK x GORILLA GLUE #4. This pheno did not turn purple and finished earlier than the others. "My grow 2" cannabis grow journal. The window seat is a favourite spot for the dogs. Mar 08, 2019 · Eventually we got some packs from BC that includes some old school Williams wonder and the super skunk, the super was a prettier version of the roadkill and was amazing. One of the original skunk seeds out of 4 lines from Med-Man with incredible skunk aroma. Sprinkle with flour. Usted puede ordenar por tipo, época de floración o de la disponibilidad comercial. Since the start of their breeding career, the Ethos Genetics library of strains have proudly achieved over 20 Cannabis Cup title Roadkill Afghani. About one in six are displaying heavy "roadkill" skunk terpenes/flavor. The mother of this hybrid is our own proprietary clone, and in our hearts is as legendary as any Several phenos are harvestable at week seven, but she continues to get bigger and better with age. Roadkill has three spin-offs series; Roadkill Garage, Roadkill's Junkyard Gold, and Faster with Finnegan, as well as a companion series called Roadkill Extra. The last few days we've had visitors of the 4 hoof kind coming out in the field. roadkill skunk ethos

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